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Who We Fund

As a "people fund", Givebonniestrong77 is built to benefit families who have a child who is in the fight for their life by helping to alleviate the financial difficulties that arise due to pediatric cancer. Please contact us if you know a local family who is challenged to make ends meet.

We help by directly donating to families and by holding special fundraisers. Below are examples of recent fundraisers we have held.

Children and families that we are proud to have helped

From the father of Douglas Jangula:

"My son Douglas Jangula, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma at 5 months old. The doctors said it is the youngest case of this type of cancer. When he was first seen, his leg was twice the size of his other one. Douglas was the first child to use the new proton laser out in Mayo to remove the tumors from his lower intestines and leg. Along with surgery he has been doing chemo and radiation. In October 2016, I was given the news that that the cancer went into remission. Personally I never been so happy to hear that and was looking forward to seeing him grow up. Douglas is a really happy kid who doesn't cry much, he is such a trooper and a joy to be with. So in late winter/early spring of 2017, we noticed that Douglas was limping really bad. Fearing the worst we took him to the hospital, where we found out that the cancer has come back and has now spead to his lymph nodes. Currently, he is doing chemo and radiation, still having his wonderful personality... As of right now we are waiting on word from a geneticist who has been sequencing his DNA to see if they are able to turn off the growth receptors in the maligent cells. If they successfully accomplish their goal, they are going to request that we go to their facility in Florida, and do a experimental medical regime. This is the last long shot, we either get more time, or not. While down there we also plan on making positive memories with the other 2 kids and their brother all together."

Even as I write this, it is hard not to have tears, and I been avoiding this eventuality in my head by keeping focus on work and being a father.

Lee Jangula

Gracie Centers bio:

"Gracie started off as a fighter born premature weighing only 4 lbs with hydro cephalus and spent 3 months in the NICU. After several surgeries installing a shunt, removing it a few times due to infections, she finally came home. Progress was very slow with lots of therapy, pic lines and doctor visits. Most all was well until a MRI revealed a golf ball sized brain tumor pressing on her spinal cord at the base of her cerebellum affecting her motor skills, speech and vision. Surgery went well and we started making good progress but 12 months later another MRI showed the tumor returned and once we had it removed again. We have been making great strides and started kindergarten this fall and look forward to our follow up MRI's. With the support of so many including several church families we will continue to put our trust in God's plan for her and believe in his healing for her. Steve Centers"

Below is from Dylan's family:

"Dylan is a 12 year old who eats sleeps and breathes all things legos and baseball. On Jan 7 2017, Dylan was at baseball practice and his coach came up to us at the end of the session and asked if I knew he had buckled the Thursday before and again that day. I told him I was not aware... but I did tell him we had it checked out previously, and we were told it was a high ankle sprain due to his "flat feet". He repeated GET IT CHECKED OUT. We did... and on Jan 10th our lives stopped. Dylan was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma of his left fibula. Dylan has already completed 6 long rounds of chemo and a surgery to remove 17cm of his fibula. He has 6 more treatments to go but he has been defying everyone's expectations. He has remained in travel baseball and would go to the batting cages the day after chemo... unfortunately since surgery he cannot continue with baseball.. JUST YET... he has to continue to heal and we are hoping by fall ball he can get back out there. We thank you again for honoring our Dylan... he is always bringing the #Dfense."

Colton is a boy who is fighting ALL Leukemia. Below is from his family.

"Hi, my name is Colton. I love playing with my brother, reading books, visiting the zoo, and having fun at the park. In April 2017 we learned that I have ALL Leukemia. I am receiving wonderful care at Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. I am strong, resilient, and have already overcome some big challenges in my three-and-a-half years. Beating cancer is next.

Thank​s for supporting me and cheering me on!

Colton and family"

Ava is a local girl who is battling Leukemia. Below is a letter from her family. They have a blog describing her struggle, which can be found at http://fortheloveofavalee.blogspot.com/

"Ava Lee is our precious 7 year old daughter. She was diagnosed with Biphenotypic Leukemia (T-cell/AML) at the tender age of 5. After beating it the first time with chemo, radiation and transplant, Ava relapsed again with chloromas on her skin and throughout her body. Even after receiving several rounds of chemotherapy, she has still not reached remission - an important criteria for her to be eligible for a second transplant. So, with heavy hearts, we chose palliative care with the intent of prolonging the quality of her life. Though her prognosis is very poor, we will never lose hope!

Thank you again, Andrew and The Give Bonnie Strong Family!

Esther, Mike, Ava, Gwen, and Jude"

Guiliana from Fox Lake is 3 and a half years old. She is battling ALL Leukemia. Guiliana is being treated at Lurie Hospital. Her mom has had to stop working to to be with her daughter.

The Foundation is also happy to have provided Felicia in Waukegan with financial assistance. Felicia is the mother of Aliayah who is fighting a blood disease.

Sabrinia is 9 years old and is in her 3rd bout with cancer. Your donations have helped this family financially, as her mother Natalia is only able to work 3 hours a day. She is spending all of her time with her daughter.

Please show your loyalty to our proud sponsors:

GiveBonnieStrong77 Foundation

P.O. Box 73
Ingleside Illinois, 60041-0073