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Dedicated to the Awareness of Childhood Cancer

Welcome to our website honoring Bonnie Vonder Haar #77 and all children who have been taken far too soon by Pediatric Cancer.

By responsibly funding research and development, we are making every effort to defeat Childhood Cancer, and are hoping to assist families that are affected. We would like to help alleviate financial burdens and worries while they are missing work and altering their lives to be able to take care of their child.

Bonnie's Story

Our little girl, Bonnie Kathleen Vonder Haar, was born on September 8, 2001. It was 3 days before 9/11. A joyful yet scary time. America was on "high alert". Yet, we were overjoyed at the birth of this beautiful little girl, our second after our other yet beautiful daughter Hannah. We had Ben after Bonnie. Two very lucky people with 3 healthy children!

Bonnie was pure sunshine. As an infant Bonnie walked at an early age, talked at an early age. She loved life and lived it to its fullest. Bonnie was always very active and loved to jump on the trampoline. She also had so much fun swimming in our pool and would spend a lot of time "swimming like a dolphin". (Read more...)

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The Bonnie Strong 5K Run/Walk has been cancelled for 2018, and will return next year.

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